RESPECT! 👊| Dillian Whyte swaps fight shorts with Team Povetkin

Dillian Whyte swapped shorts with Alexander Povetkin & his team following their heavyweight rematch in Gibraltar.
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  1. I-DON P-I

    I-DON P-I2 päivää sitten

    Wait for your mandatory fight!

  2. Clayton Dillard

    Clayton Dillard3 päivää sitten

    Povetki has COVID-19 Whyte gotta run it back to prove he is better than povetkin.

  3. La vida Loca

    La vida Loca3 päivää sitten

    Kugan Cassius Ramanathan in the back trying to eat all the pie

  4. Johnny Strabler

    Johnny Strabler8 päivää sitten

    Who is the honourable Dillion Whyte? He, will fight anyone, never mind, the ducking and diving, opponents, Dillion, will 'Fight' anyone, so, those who are in 'hiding', big it up, it's Dillion's time to shine, Fury, Joshua, STOP, ducking, Dillion, give him 6 months and he'll take both of you on, Dillion is the 'MAIN' man! Fury, piss-head, Joshua, talking the talk, can he, walk the walk? Eddie Hearn, this is not 'snooker' daddy, all 'gob', or no 'job', or are you part of the "MOB"?

  5. Luk e

    Luk e10 päivää sitten

    2nd fav HW behind Fury. Such a down to earth guy

  6. jordan jeffries

    jordan jeffries10 päivää sitten

    This happened because he’s happy he won. Didn’t happen when he lost so clearly it’s povetkin who’s got the most respect.

  7. smokedadowg

    smokedadowg10 päivää sitten

    He can hold his head high hes been brilliant through out

  8. True2022

    True202211 päivää sitten

    Funny he didn't want to swap shorts after the first fight lol

  9. Niсk P

    Niсk P12 päivää sitten

    Навіщо йому ця обісрана тряпка

  10. T1

    T113 päivää sitten


  11. Ty Spiller

    Ty Spiller13 päivää sitten

    I'm from England can someone translate what he said?..

  12. Mark Griffin

    Mark Griffin13 päivää sitten

    Well done Dillian, for a badman he's quite the gent..onwards and upwards.

  13. arafat said

    arafat said13 päivää sitten

    Frankly.. dillian is now a calm guy than the previous

  14. Dembele Isak

    Dembele Isak14 päivää sitten

    Respect Dillian Whyte 💟💪💪👏👏stay strong, hard work 💪💪💪congrats for you and your team mates! Who's next?

  15. Michael Dang

    Michael Dang14 päivää sitten

    Bring Nigel Ben into next camp!

  16. maximillion. 7

    maximillion. 714 päivää sitten

    Needs to be no3 fight 1 k.o. each both good fighters 🎩🔜

  17. paul smith

    paul smith14 päivää sitten

    DW looking lean and sharp. Hope we see him again soon. I would put money on him slapping 👋👋👋 Wilder all around any ring .. anywhere.

  18. HARDtalk with ALTY.

    HARDtalk with ALTY.14 päivää sitten

    I am a massive Dillan white fan always have been i think he has the best personality in the sport BUT the only issue i have with this nice gesture and how nice he is now being towards povetkin he should of been like this in the first fight all the way through both pressers etc and build ups like when povetkin offered his hand Dillian refused but now hes got it to 1-1 he shows him the respect povetkin deserves well in my eyes dillian should of shown it him before after his lose not just be nice all of a sudden because you've beaten him!!!!

  19. Trey Malike

    Trey Malike14 päivää sitten

    Dillian is like that though .... he was a prick to Joseph Parker before they fought and was nice afterwards, even with Dereck after they fought the second time dillian walked to Chisoras dressing room and was friendly. I think Dereck can’t be friendly to a guy he wants to smash, some guys need to have that anger towards their Opponents before they fight. .

  20. T BROSKI

    T BROSKI14 päivää sitten

    Respect 🙏🏾 💯

  21. K G

    K G14 päivää sitten

    Povetkin is 41 . 10 year ago he would of destroyed whyte

  22. Robert Marston

    Robert Marston14 päivää sitten


  23. Nils Zuravlovs

    Nils Zuravlovs14 päivää sitten

    Respect to Dillian from Russians 💪🇷🇺💪🇬🇧

  24. Music Sports and Comedy

    Music Sports and Comedy14 päivää sitten

    Boxing loves a “respect” video. Getting like IFL up in here.

  25. Joshua Reuben Atilley

    Joshua Reuben Atilley14 päivää sitten

    Wow!! This generation of British boxers exude sheer class. I am very proud of British Boxing. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🥊🥊

  26. W M

    W M12 päivää sitten

    Yes mate same here it's a great generation we need to appreciate it while it's here.

  27. GARY Rawlings

    GARY Rawlings14 päivää sitten

    like dillian far better than fake AJ

  28. Gemma Louise

    Gemma Louise14 päivää sitten

    Great guys love the respect between fellow warriors

  29. Moynur Rahman

    Moynur Rahman15 päivää sitten

    Revenge is so sweet especially as this guy has respect and compassion. Go Dillian. 🥊

  30. bill neath

    bill neath15 päivää sitten

    Dillian whyte is a real genuine person and a true sportsman

  31. Sud.Wolves

    Sud.Wolves15 päivää sitten

    Great Sportsmanship, thats what its all about.

  32. N B

    N B15 päivää sitten

    Dilliabs always entertaining.. Never a Dill fight and his resume is great..National treasure..

  33. sparkes999

    sparkes99915 päivää sitten

    Great performance from Whyte and hes looking in great shape. So many juicy match ups to be made Wilder or even Ruiz would be a banger once he beats the nightmare Arreola.

  34. NightsPhenom712

    NightsPhenom71215 päivää sitten

    Nothing like the smell of sweaty balls for Whyte

  35. King of The pond

    King of The pond15 päivää sitten

    Hope he gets the Wilder fight

  36. David Clarke

    David Clarke15 päivää sitten

    Dillian is going to be a World champion in future but give Windy Wilder a good mullering before. Cheers Dillian and God bless you 👍

  37. Troy Marchant

    Troy Marchant15 päivää sitten

    Forget fighting Wilder, he's retired.

  38. Endurance Akpe

    Endurance Akpe15 päivää sitten

    Whyte said it's cheap boxer short🤣🤣🤣


    BEST ATHLETES !!15 päivää sitten

    Congratulations 👏 And Respect 😀

  40. Yuxuan Ex

    Yuxuan Ex15 päivää sitten

    this guy has grown so much in terms of mental and emotional maturity. It’s lovely to see.

  41. Teddington Bear

    Teddington Bear15 päivää sitten

    not ghey

  42. James Colombo

    James Colombo15 päivää sitten

    Everything was going well until this idiot showed disrespect by claiming his shorts are worth more than Povetkin’s.

  43. G-man

    G-man15 päivää sitten

    Where's all the Brit's who wanted Povetkin to KO Whyte again, not one of them Haters/traitors come on to say they got it wrong or even offer a congrats, typical fan boy key board warriors, true boxing fans appreciate guy's like Dillion who took his loss like a man, no excuses, worked hard came back and got the win.

  44. SiLo Mixing and Mastering

    SiLo Mixing and Mastering15 päivää sitten

    They are a shameless bunch so they are lol, one minute they are all over Whyte, then he loses and they act like he was always rubbish, then he wins again and suddenly they are back on that bandwagon as if they were never off it haha

  45. Dingle

    Dingle15 päivää sitten

    ALEXANDER is a true professional a credit to the sport and his country. RIP to the marvellous one . Best boxer I've seen . Well done to dillian, hope he gets a shot at a title soon .

  46. Deano Stanley

    Deano Stanley15 päivää sitten

    Yes mr Whyte, now let’s March on and get a title shot

  47. Mohammed Khan

    Mohammed Khan15 päivää sitten

    True gentleman

  48. minzy421

    minzy42115 päivää sitten

    Win, lose or draw i have always support whyte. Respect to whyte for bringing stool to povetkins aid povetkin still my fave fighter too. Both guys showed class n respect

  49. Mind Mind

    Mind Mind15 päivää sitten

    Legit class man. Awesome.

  50. Serge Serg

    Serge Serg15 päivää sitten

    Comrade Whyte, well deserved victory.

  51. Usman Chaudhary

    Usman Chaudhary15 päivää sitten

    Kugan just holding camera nicely

  52. TJ

    TJ15 päivää sitten

    Kugan gets them exclusive footages... the privilege he has with certain British boxers that other channels don’t get... I bet they must hate him deep down

  53. linda sapiecha

    linda sapiecha15 päivää sitten

    A Boxer and a Gentleman respect 😊

  54. Ant

    Ant15 päivää sitten

    Wilder is a bitch and won’t take the fight, Whyte should fight Francis Ngannou in an Exhibition whilst he waits

  55. Simon Mortimer

    Simon Mortimer15 päivää sitten

    Give them a good wash.

  56. Leiytz

    Leiytz15 päivää sitten

    1:19 somone turn this into meme 😭

  57. Francis Begbie

    Francis Begbie13 päivää sitten

    Definitely 😂😂😂

  58. Eve Zaya

    Eve Zaya15 päivää sitten

    That’s wassup i love the sportsmen’s hip

  59. Big K

    Big K15 päivää sitten

    Dillian Is a baller he will fight anyone anywhere win or lose he will go again. Full respect 👏

  60. Yeshua Is GOD

    Yeshua Is GOD12 päivää sitten

    Fully will aswell

  61. hariomrulez

    hariomrulez15 päivää sitten

    He always tries to show off

  62. La Sombra

    La Sombra15 päivää sitten

    he looks in great shape. I think if he stays in this form he is dangerous and hard to beat.

  63. Videos To Views

    Videos To Views15 päivää sitten

    Body looking good Dillian! Head back in training and continue to work on your physique too. You look great bro. You were switching it up and working the jab. More of that please. Bless.

  64. Fight Food

    Fight Food15 päivää sitten

    They are on Ebay for £500

  65. Cardi B

    Cardi B15 päivää sitten

    Should be a 3rd

  66. DiaMonD FaLcoN

    DiaMonD FaLcoN15 päivää sitten

    Wonder what they smell like.

  67. Armani Xox

    Armani Xox15 päivää sitten

    Wow Dillian looks in amazing shape !

  68. branded beast

    branded beast15 päivää sitten

    I don't get why he called Ortiz old and have to get a rematch after he was knocked cold by a tired old povetkin.

  69. B Abdul

    B Abdul15 päivää sitten


  70. Liam Featherstone

    Liam Featherstone15 päivää sitten

    Didn't want his shorts from the first fight did he haha he was sleeping Had whyte to win by ko between 4 and 6

  71. Herb E. Vore

    Herb E. Vore15 päivää sitten

    Fairplay, that´s how it should be in every kind of sport, no matter on which level. Good job!

  72. Donald Burke jr

    Donald Burke jr15 päivää sitten

    Killer attitude Great sportsmanship

  73. bubbles

    bubbles15 päivää sitten

    Good kickboxer also

  74. Awsedrfyhujol Wwsedrftgyjujikol

    Awsedrfyhujol Wwsedrftgyjujikol15 päivää sitten

    Why r people so obssessed about showing respect after a fight. 95% of boxers whether they like each other or not show respect after they go to war. !! It’s normal


    SPIKE THE WD UK15 päivää sitten

    Big respect yooooo not today lol

  76. Rick Shaw

    Rick Shaw15 päivää sitten


  77. rico tubbs

    rico tubbs15 päivää sitten

    Respect!! goes a long way in life!! keeps you alive!!!

  78. Richard Hutinson

    Richard Hutinson16 päivää sitten

    You need to have a trilogy with Povetkin, revenge against Joshua and fight wilder and Tyson Fury. Respect to both side.

  79. Mistic DW

    Mistic DW15 päivää sitten

    I don't think Povetkin has anything left, his legs look weak, I even noticed it in his last few fights

  80. xcH1NOx1

    xcH1NOx116 päivää sitten

    Honorable gentleman, Hats off to the lovely sport of Sweet Science.

  81. Clinton Simmonds

    Clinton Simmonds5 päivää sitten

    D.N.A , represntive international sporting commission, National hero.

  82. Clinton Simmonds

    Clinton Simmonds15 päivää sitten

    @Khalil Ur-Rehman strength , honor and pride.

  83. Khalil Ur-Rehman

    Khalil Ur-Rehman15 päivää sitten

    Science I thought this was Maths

  84. Proxima Centauri

    Proxima Centauri16 päivää sitten

    Gongrats Dilian. I wish you good luck in your jorney to the WBC belt.

  85. Captain Jack Sparrow

    Captain Jack Sparrow16 päivää sitten

    Whyte will smash Wilder unless he gets hit by one of those bronze haymakers.

  86. C Dalts

    C Dalts16 päivää sitten

    We met Dillian a few years ago at a boxing awards show. He was unbelievably nice. What a role model to kids on how to behave and carry themselves.

  87. Lewis

    Lewis16 päivää sitten

    One thing you’ve got to give... those ruski’s are men of honour

  88. neo

    neo16 päivää sitten

    povietkin 41 thats the main reason

  89. G

    G16 päivää sitten

    So much class from both guys.. actually put lump in throat!!

  90. the judge

    the judge16 päivää sitten

    Povetkin looked a shadow of even his 40 year old self

  91. Mistic DW

    Mistic DW15 päivää sitten

    No legs, I've noticed it in his last 4 or 5 fights

  92. agt155

    agt15515 päivää sitten

    Shot to pieces. Even Hearns commentary team noted it.

  93. Shakil Wood

    Shakil Wood16 päivää sitten

    Mmhhmm mmhhmm not today!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 bants for days

  94. Tom Smith

    Tom Smith16 päivää sitten

    Sounds punch drunk.

  95. Herb E. Vore

    Herb E. Vore15 päivää sitten

    nope, listen to James Toney, Peter McNeeley, Riddick Bowe

  96. DarkE

    DarkE16 päivää sitten

    You see , this is what happens when you lose - you get back up, wise up, focus on what you did wrong and comeback stronger to have another go - NOT blame your trainer, your ring walk costume, your opponents glove etc - MAN UP WILDER and take on Whyte

  97. Clinton Simmonds

    Clinton Simmonds5 päivää sitten

    Wise up. You can do what ever

  98. Luke Emerson Simmons

    Luke Emerson Simmons14 päivää sitten

    Think dillian would put wilder away to be honest, hope he gets the shot he has deserved for a good while

  99. Joshua Reuben Atilley

    Joshua Reuben Atilley14 päivää sitten

    👏👏👏 Big my guy you have said it all.

  100. K J

    K J15 päivää sitten

    That's how REAL men should act. Wilder on the other hand.........

  101. Shahmeer

    Shahmeer16 päivää sitten


  102. deezy duffers

    deezy duffers16 päivää sitten

    The spirit of Marvin hagler was with dealing tonight

  103. deezy duffers

    deezy duffers15 päivää sitten

    @Allen Sastre 🤣🤣🤣

  104. Allen Sastre

    Allen Sastre15 päivää sitten

    autocorrect doing the most with dillian huh? 😂

  105. Chris Hem brow

    Chris Hem brow16 päivää sitten

    Povetkin didn’t look right from the start

  106. Michael Hunt

    Michael Hunt16 päivää sitten

    Hmm not today my friend 😆

  107. grucha8585

    grucha858516 päivää sitten


  108. Epic Boxing Battles

    Epic Boxing Battles16 päivää sitten

    Respect! Wilder next!!!

  109. Hoges1985

    Hoges198516 päivää sitten


  110. alnagam athakup althakup

    alnagam athakup althakup16 päivää sitten

    I have mad respect for him, for what he did, that's boxing it's all reabect,

  111. Darren Finlay

    Darren Finlay16 päivää sitten

    Dillian had egg weights in his gloves,,,!

  112. Anto Amalarajah

    Anto Amalarajah16 päivää sitten

    why did they switch shorts?

  113. SystemError-117

    SystemError-11716 päivää sitten

    I think Whyte said he wanted to hang them up in his house as a souvenir from the two fights.

  114. stan salmon

    stan salmon16 päivää sitten

    Povetkin was not 100% he was flabby he recently had covid and was not in his usual well trained state, he should have skipped the fight took more time to get himself sorted and prepared more, then I believe he would have fought much better sharper, but all that said respect to Dylian Whyte, he did what he needed to do.

  115. stan salmon

    stan salmon13 päivää sitten

    @Hardcore Boxing you are a typical numpty someone shows you up for spouting verbal diaoreah and all you can do is insult them I am 62 I work out every day have a low BMI have good muscle mass by your assertions at my age I should be a shrivelled old man on a Zimmer frame? You need a reality check because you are clearly delusional, contact your GP you need help 😂

  116. Hardcore Boxing

    Hardcore Boxing14 päivää sitten

    @NightsPhenom712 was I insulting him? He’s a phenomenal fighter and has always had a strong build but he’s always had a soft ish type of body... that’s all I was saying

  117. Hardcore Boxing

    Hardcore Boxing14 päivää sitten

    @stan salmon is that a joke? It has nothing to do with being over 40 years old? Do you think fighters can just stay in their peak physical condition till the age of 90 or something? Povetkins always been fleshy he’s just not a low body fat ripped fighter nothing will change that, what a stupid comment... he’s getting older so he loses muscle mass every day, clueless ...

  118. NightsPhenom712

    NightsPhenom71215 päivää sitten

    @Hardcore Boxing id like to see you fight right after recovering from covid

  119. stan salmon

    stan salmon15 päivää sitten

    @Hardcore Boxingif you could be bothered to look into what I posted you would see that povetkin has never been a ripped fighter like Joshua but if you actually look at the difference of how he is now to how he was pre covid there is a obvious change in his physical condition it has nothing to do with being over 40 years old, and has everythng to do with conditioning you shouldn't need to be told this?

  120. G҉H҉O҉S҉T҉.҉

    G҉H҉O҉S҉T҉.҉16 päivää sitten

    Exchanging Shorts? Wtf

  121. Samoan Spike

    Samoan Spike16 päivää sitten

    Dillians diet and 20 week camp shows

  122. Samoan Spike

    Samoan Spike16 päivää sitten

    Hope they haven’t bugged the shorts

  123. JP

    JP16 päivää sitten

    KO wins for Whyte and Ngannou. BLACK RULES THE NIGHT

  124. Miles _v3

    Miles _v316 päivää sitten

    Team Povetkin sticking them shorts up on ebay when they get back to Russia 🤣

  125. Yorkie Elliot

    Yorkie Elliot16 päivää sitten

    Haha 😄